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This e-mail was sent by Rolf on Jan. 26, 2012 summarizing a meeting held that morning. The purpose of the meeting was to identify areas where the halls could share software (existing, or planned). This is aimed partly at preparation for the June Software Review where it is expected the reviewers will ask about this.

Dear all,

    Thanks for the introductions and thoughts today on the
analysis, calibrations, and simulations plans in the Halls. It
was gratifying to see that there were already quite some plans
for sharing, and ideas were reasonably maturing. I hope I have
the full list of people that attended.

    As followup, as mentioned we would like small meetings
at high level discussing what can be shared or not, and if the
latter why not, on the topics below. Meetings likely should be
at the 30-60 minute scale, we really do not try to solve all
issues, rather have considerations on the table. I'll ask the
subgroups below to meet, and then we can have 2-3 weeks from
now a followup meeting discussing thoughts/progress, but feel
free to also mail progress to the full distribution list.

    All we want on the table is where we can make multi-Hall
efforts, where we can/should share, and where not, and what the
reason is. All high-level, such that at our next meeting we have
less than one summarizing page to stare at per topic.

    For all meetings, please cc Javier, Glenn, and me, but it's
o.k. if we can't make it, and please include Graham.

Graham: Please set up meetings between you and the relevant
    representatives of the Halls on:
    1) Common data format
    2) Slow controls
    3) Source Code Repository

Bob/Volker/Steve/Eugene: Please set up meetings to have the Halls discuss:
    4) Histogram monitoring
    5) Single-Event Displays

Bob/Steve: Please set up meetings between Halls A & C representatives on
    6) use of GEMC for GEANT4 simulations
    7) use of Hall D database

Volker/Eugene: Please set up meetings between Halls B & D on
    8) CLARA and JANA (here the goal should be in one pagers
               where they come in, and why these are
               optimal/good choices for Halls B and D
    9) Tracking Algorithms

    The topic of Amplitude Analysis/PWA was brought up too as
a necessary and shared topic, but here Mike Pennington should also
be involved and is doing the planning.

    I hope I caught it all, I thought it was a very nice informational
meeting, and I myself learned a lot on the present planning.

                Best regards,    Rolf