Rules for beam operations

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  • Beam is scheduled to be delivered to tagger hall next Monday. We should follow stricter rules starting this Friday evening.
  • Changes made to the Hall D control system or equipment involving the controls system may affect the data quality, the analysis and the interpretation of the data.
  • Therefore every change should be carefully considered and recorded
    • all changes that may affect equipment in the Hall have to be documented in the HDLOG.
    • if there is a shift in Hall D counting house, permission from the shift leader needs to be obtained to perform any action that affects equipment in the hall.
      • the shift leader may make a log entry independently from the expert doing the changes.
      • when performing action using the controls put a log entry describing it since shift leaders log entry may lack important details.
  • Hovanes needs to be notified prior to any changes to equipment or software that involves controls to avoid confusion and surprises.
  • In case of the solenoid-related changes, Yi needs to be notified.