Run Planning Meeting Notes, Feb 14 - Feb 20, 2019

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Wednesday, Feb. 18 at 08:45

  1. Over the weekend summary:
    • Quote by Eugine: "All the problems landed on other ppl's court".
    • DIRC SSP firmware on Friday (thanks to Ben and Sasha)
    • Low intensity program completed.
    • HV scan: two more settings remains
    • HI test on Sunday: for most of the day, we were the only hall up
    • Overnight: smooth 425nA scanning operation.
  2. Plan for today:
    • Hall A, B and C are down, another HI test? @900nA?
  3. Issues:
    • hdview2: hang on the 1st event
    • DAQ: Randy factor cant be set.
    • Any update on the RF issue?
  4. Transition to the CPP