Run Planning Meeting Notes, Feb 9-Feb 15, 2017

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Saturday, February 11

  1. Accelerator Status
    • 2 hour down overnight for RF problem, cavity "lost" its parameters somehow.
  2. Hall-D/GlueX items
  3. Monitoring
    • Low level
    • High level
      • New features are nice
      • Fits will be improved
      • Beta plots need looking into.
  4. Run Plan
    • Production
    • Harp scan every 2 days. Sunday
    • Empty target run. Monday
    • Trigger efficiency studies (4 hours) Wednesday
  5. Offline Analysis?
  6. Any Other Business?

Friday, February 10

  1. Accelerator Status
    • Difficulties on Day Shift and into Swing. Owl smooth
  2. Hall-D/GlueX items
  3. Monitoring
    • Low level
      • New channel out in FCAL; occupancy drift in single PS channel; LED signals still in some histograms, cuts coming; new statistics on some histograms (nice)
    • High level
      • Rho analysis, 30 kHz data before beam focus was tuned
        • timing calibration seems out; polarizations might not be good because of lack of accidental subtraction; signal to background looks great; 30% lower rho/trigger compared to Spring 2016(should improve with calibration); omega width 50% larger and yield lower by half
  4. Calibration
    • Calibration jobs are on the farm right now, hopefully ready by Sunday/Monday.
  5. Run Plan
    • Production
  6. Offline Analysis?
  7. Any Other Business?

Thursday, February 9

  1. Accelerator Status
    • Slew of difficulties over Owl shift, pathlength drift, electronics problems, BPM problems
  2. Hall-D/GlueX items
    • Running last day
      • ABUs
      • Triggers
    • Coherent Peak Position difference
    • 50 kHz running
      • Smooth running, hodoscope up to 5.7 GeV turned off. Occasional glitches in the DAQ rate due to Java garbage collection (adding a few percent to deadtime.) 900 MB/s
      • What is the data quality? (Normalized to trigger) Physics signals, (omega, rho: # per trigger, widths, backgrounds)
    • Monitoring
      • Low level monitoring coordinator (Thomas): Report every morning.
      • High level monitoring coordinator (Alex): Report every morning.
      • Cut on triggers for monitoring
      • Run DAQ when beam is gone
      • Threshold for alerting experts?
        • Run coordinator should be called for problems that limit data taking
    • Target IOC problem overnight
      • Reboot should be done by shift crew if they know how, otherwise call Deur, then cal Ito.
    • End run script and RCDB entries
  3. Run Plan
    • Align coherent peaks?
    • Production
  4. Offline Analysis?
  5. Any Other Business?