Run Planning Meeting Notes, Jan 16-Jan 22, 2020

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Thursday, January 16 at 08:45

  1. Last 24 hours
    • Trippy beam yesterday and overnight. Issues in two cryomodules.
    • Some production data was collected.
    • L1 triggers studies have been postponed to today.
  2. Issues
    • Major bleed through, presumably from Hall A 1-pass beam 3764868
  3. Tasks for today
    • After spin dance (11 am -3 pm in accelerator plan): L1 triggers studies (Sasha, Beni, Justin)
    • Followed by cDAQ test (Sergey)
    • Production data otherwise
  4. Plan for later
    • Tagger accidental study (Richard). Tomorrow early a.m.? Will contact RadCon for final ok. Richard's proposal
    • Empty target run (target will already be emptied for accidental study).
    • Discussion of 24 GeV physics came up, physics ideas are welcome.