Run Planning Meeting Notes, November 4 - November 10, 2021

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MCC whiteboard Meeting Bluejeans 660743227 Trigger Counter

Wednesday November 10

  1. Last 24h:
    • Diamond alignment
  2. Reports
    • Monitoring updates [1] (Alex)
  3. Issues
  4. Plans
    • Diamond alignment
    • Trigger/DAQ checkout
    • Pass change Wednesday 8:30am to (after)noon

Tuesday November 09

  1. Last 24h:
    • Beam tuning successful [2] after vertical dispersion quads set back to design set points
    • Tagger magnet power supply: it is working with decreased loop maximum at 290A and smaller ramping speed
    • Goniometer does not move in X and Y, access required before diamond alignment to power cycle controlers
    • Photon beam position off on profiler, reduced tagger magnet current to steer
    • Beam on AC established
    • Trigger tuning [3] (Sasha)
    • Raw mode run 90033 [4]
    • Production on Al for the rest of the night
  2. Reports
    • Tagger NMR lock [5] (Tim)
    • Low-Energy Tagger Counters off for 150nA beam [6]
    • Timing update [7] (Sean)
  3. Issues
    • Missing Channel in FCal near beam hole [8]
    • Low scaler rate in one BCal channel [9]
    • Do not adjust the CDC HC with the AI script, leave it at nominal 2125V
  4. Plans
    • Diamond alignment
    • Trigger/DAQ checkout
    • Pass change Wednesday 8:30am to (after)noon

Monday November 08

  1. Last 72h:
    • Accelerator beam energy change started Friday 8am
    • New run period started: 2021-11, runs 90000+
    • Solenoid coil4 vacuum degraded on Friday afternoon [10][11], lead to dump at 9pm [12]
    • Vacuum recovered after dump [13], ramping to 800A on Saturday [14], fully ramped on Sunday afternoon [15]
    • Accelerator reconfiguration completed on Sunday ~5pm, counting house staffed from 4pm
    • Photon beam checkout:
      • Radiation levels OK [16]
      • First harp scan not good [17], second not much better [18], OPS and ADL require rematching of beam
    • Preliminary DAQ configuration with Start Counter trigger [19]
  2. Reports
    • Hall B fast tracker prototype installed near PS [20]
  3. Issues
    • Tagger magnet cycling
    • Goniometer camera [21]
  4. Plans
    • Diamond alignment once beam convergence is satisfactory
    • Trigger/DAQ checkout

Friday November 05

  1. Last 24h:
    • 7h accelerator down time due to power outage [22]
    • New modules installed in FCal2 test stand [23] (Sasha)
    • Beam restored around 2pm
    • Trigger studies with 20nA and 100nA (Sasha)
    • Recorded 800M+ events with full lHe4 target
    • 8am: PrimEx EoR
  2. Issues: -
  3. Reports:
    • Normalized rates [24] and beam energy [25](Alexandre)
  4. Plan:
    • Beam energy change 11/05-11/07, start Friday 8am
      • Cancel shifts from Friday 10am
      • RadCon survey for tagger halld done at 8am, leave hall and tagger in controlled
      • Safety Walkthrough scheduled for Friday 2pm (Elton)
      • Installation of Youri's detector near the PS on Sunday, calorimeter test has to go today?
      • Maintenance of the A/C for the server room: cancelled
    • Start SRC/CT experiment on Monday
      • Wiki page
      • Morning meeting at same time, but new number: 497773790/1473
      • Do we want to start a new run period 2021-11?
      • Continue SRC/CT run plan discussion here

Thursday November 04

  1. Last 24h:
    • Maintenance day
    • Replaced FCAL 15 bases [26]
    • Restored beam at 11:00pm
    • Harp scan [27]
    • Recorded 150M+ events with full LHe4 target
    • Several beam interruptions, currently loss of power, might take a few hours to restore
  2. Issues:
    • CDC HV alarm at 2:45am, restored by itself for all but one channel (F:14), but HV OK, acknowledged
    • BCAL LED trigger script was off for runs 81702 and 82703. Switched on afterwards.
  3. Plan:
    • Continue production at 200nA with the solenoid on
    • Beam energy change planned for 11/05-11/07, start Friday ~7am
      • Cancel shifts from Friday 10am?
      • RadCon survey for Friday morning is requested, leave hall in controlled, only survey tagger hall?
      • Safety Walkthrough scheduled for Friday 2pm (Elton)
      • EEL Closure from November 5th, 6pm to November 8th, 6am and November 12th, 6pm to November 15th, 6am