Run Planning Meeting Notes, November 4 - November 10, 2021

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MCC whiteboard Meeting Bluejeans 660743227 Trigger Counter

Thursday November 04

  1. Last 24h:
    • Maintenance day
    • Replaced FCAL 15 bases [1]
    • Restored beam at 11:00pm
    • Harp scan [2]
    • Recorded 150M+ events with full LHe4 target
    • Several beam interruptions, currently loss of power, might take a few hours to restore
  2. Issues:
    • CDC HV alarm at 2:45am, restored by itself for all but one channel (F:14), but HV OK, acknowledged
    • BCAL LED trigger script was off for runs 81702 and 82703. Switched on afterwards.
  3. Plan:
    • Continue production at 200nA with the solenoid on
    • Beam energy change planned for 11/05-11/07, start Friday ~7am
      • Cancel shifts from Friday 10am?
      • RadCon survey for Friday morning is requested, leave hall in controlled, only survey tagger hall?
      • Safety Walkthrough scheduled for Friday 2pm
      • EEL Closure from November 5th, 6pm to November 8th, 6am and November 12th, 6pm to November 15th, 6am