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SRC/CT@GlueX (E12-19-003) 2021 run, November-January

Shift Documentation

Hall D Shift-Taker's Main Site

On-call List

  • Contact run coordinator if any problems during data taking: (757) 383-5542

Shift Schedule

Shift Sign-up

Shift-Taker's Checklist

Beam Time Accounting

Run Spreadsheet 2021

COO, ESAD, RSAD Things to read before shift.

[XXXXX Expert shift]

Remote worker shift - requirements and responsibilities

Analysis shift

Short Term Schedule

SRC/CT@GlueX (E12-19-003) 2021 run, November-January'
Beam energy 10.7 GeV
Important: Document all your work in the logbook!
Bluejeans for Run Meetings on DAY and DAY at 8:45 am


  • (757) 383-5542
  • Personal cell: +1 XXXXXXX

Important instructions

* Fill out BTA hourly. Click "Load from EPICS" to fill the left side, then make sure numbers are correct. If needed edit the entry.

NO ABUs or BANU if beam tune is in progress, make it all BNA with ER 100%. At the end of the shift save BTA to the logbook!

* Please close any GUI that is not being used.

Run Plan November XXXX, 2021

  • Take production data: XXXX nA beam on the XXXX target, XXXX configuration, XXXX trigger XXXXX.trg. Each run should last about XXX hours.

Hall Access Items:

  • None

Every Shift:

  1. Follow the run plan as outlined by RC
  2. With any issue contact On-Call Experts or RC
  3. Keep shift summary up to date in HDLOG. Record all that happens.
    • Fill out BTA hourly. Click "Load from EPICS" to automatically fill the left side then make sure numbers are correct. If needed edit the entry. Note: in the "Sift information" tab choose experiment E12-19-003. . At the end of the shift send BTA to the logbook.
    • Fill and submit the shift checklist in the logbook

Every Run:

  1. After "Go":
  2. Update the Run Spreadsheet
  3. Check ROOTSpy and compare plots with ....

Important Notes:

General Instructions

Establishing Physics Quality Beam for SRC/CT@GlueX:

Long Term Schedule

RC daily meetings at 8:45 am in the Hall D conference room.

BlueJeans Info:



SRC/CT@GlueX Full Run Plan

Remote Shifts



  • Fill shift checklist
  • Upload plots to the Hall D logbook once per run
    •  ?????
    •  ?????
  • Monitor beam quality
    • EPICS overview screen
      • In VNC or [XXXXXX Web Browser]
    • Strip charts
  • Monitor data quality
  • Communicate with the shift expert about issues with any of the above