SRC/CT Calibrations

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Link to GlueX analysis meetings

Tuesdays at 12:30pm:

Daily Analysis Meeting 2pm ET:

Calibration Tasks

Detector Calibrations Hall D Expert Helper/Monitoring
BCAL Timing/z-position/gain ratios Mark Dalton Nathaly
BCAL gains/non-linearities Regina group [Karthik] Nathaly
CDC gains and dE/dx Simon Taylor GWU-Phoebe/Axel
CDC Time-to-distance Simon Taylor GWU-Phoebe/Axel
FDC Timing Keigo Mizutani Jackson Pybus
FCAL gains/non-linearities/timing Igal Jaegle Carlos Ayerbe
PS/PSC timing Alex Somov/Olga Cortes GWU-Phoebe/Axel
ST timing Mark Ito Bo
ST resolution Mark Ito Bo
TAGH timing Alex Somov Bhesha Devkota
TAGM timing Alex Somov Bo Yu
TOF timing/gains Beni Zihlmann Jackson
TPOL  ??? Alex Somov  ???
Online various Sean Dobbs TBD
Monitoring various Alex Austregesilo Nathaly/Jackson

Detailed Listing

  • BCAL
    • Global timing
    • z-position calibration
    • Gain ratios
    • Gain calibrations
    • Energy non-linearities
    • BCal overview
  • CDC
    • Wire gains (per-channel)
    • Overall gain factors (can skip if online is good enough)
    • Final dE/dx calibrations
    • Time-to-distance
    • Plots 11/02: [1]
  • FDC
  • FCAL [2]
    • Pedestals
    • "Automated" gain/energy non-linearities
    • Timing
  • PS/PSC
    • PS timing
    • PSC timing offsets + timewalk
    • Plots 11/02: [3]
  • TAGH
    • timing offsets + timewalk
    • slides: 11/02
  • TAGM
  • TOF
    • timing offsets
    • timewalks
    • attenuation corrections
    • gain corrections
    • Overview Slides
  • Online
    • Study / improve reaction monitoring
    • Manage timing calibrations
    • Manage run conditions & RCDB
  • Start Counter
  • Offline
    • timing offsets
    • Study / improve ρ → π+ π- monitoring
      • Analyze target walls from empty target runs
      • Look at nuclear simulations
    • Study / improve ω → π+ π- π0 monitoring
    • Determine if other reactions would be useful for monitoring
    • Determine if other skims are necessary for calibrations / prompt analysis
    • Monitor / manage skim production during run

Useful notes

Calibration of tagging detectors

Other tasks

  • Test high-level monitoring plots with empty target data (TBD)
    • Select out target windows by cutting on vertex z-position
    • Plugins: p2pi_hists, p3pi_hists, highlevel_online
  • Monitor Start Counter time resolution and study radiation damage (Beni/TBD?)