September 2, 2010 Des/Fab Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday Sept 2, 2010 at 8:15am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in room ARC 428


  • ESH&Q minute (Ladder Safety)
  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Announcements (All Hands meeting Tuesday - Lab Goals)
  • Look at platform adjustments (Rich)
  • Lehman review preparations *
  • Solenoid Test Status *
  • Civil construction Status *
  • Tagger magnet status

Outstanding Action Items

  • Determine new positions of cryo transfer line supports and feedback to civil (Jim/Tim)* Under work - needs to be settled within the next few weeks
  • Correct platform height and location for new expansion can (make sure there is room to stab u-tubes)(Jim/Rich)* Some work done, will review next week
  • Need to develop a leak check and assy plan for cryo lines (Jim/Tom) in work
  • Look at getting traps/strainers for power supply LCW (Josh F.)
  • Identify PLC programmer to take over for Mark Wissman (Tim)
  • Need to put PR out for FDC techs (Tim)
  • Set up for Dave to give presentation on FDC procedures at a later meeting (Tim)
  • Tom to come up with a list of equipment needed.


    • In attendance W. Crahen, G. Biallas, J. Fochtman, T. Carstens, C. Hutton, V. Razmyslovich, J. Lagner, F. Martin, R. Getz, J. Foyles, M. Stevens, R. Bunton, G. Humble, C. Heck, D. Butler, K. Sullivan, Josh Ballard, W. Sachleben, Paul Collins, Tim Whitlatch
  • Paul Collins discussed 2 ladder incidents and safety aspects of using a step ladder
  • Discussed solenoid expansion can platform - need removable rails and tie-offs
  • Techs working a little over time for welding pipes for solenoid test
  • 2 weeks notice to cryo coming soon
  • The can is now up on the platform and connection will start today
  • Still having trouble with power supply - going straight to 400A - Mark will get with Steve Lassiter
  • Reminded that there is a need for a beacon when over 50A and a 5G field to show boundary - mark has battery operated beacon that goes inside a cone
  • Need to get with Mike Drury on effects of fringe field on SRF testing and assy - George had field maps sent to Mike
  • Solenoid design - almost completed Install drwg, Adapter dwgs and vacuum piping dwgs. Need to order 3 CVI pumpouts
  • Tom suggested the walls of hall D be white
  • Tagger magnet SOW and drawings almost ready, PR should be out by end of Sept.
  • FDC cleanroom still waiting final bids
  • Discussed releasing of Scots electrical spreadsheets. Will do under instrumentation specifications.

Action Items