Shower reconstruction

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FCAL SplitClusters.jpg

The plot on the left is the FCAL cluster multiplicity obtained with one Truth (primary shower) in the FCAL (black histogram) and with more than one Truth shower (non-primary showers, red histogram). The right plot shows polar angles of Thrown showers for the case when two clusters are reconstructed from a single primary shower and corresponds to the 3rd bin of the black histogram shown in the left plot.

FCAL SplitClusters ET.jpg

Energy (left) and polar angle (right) distributions of Thrown showers (black histogram). Red histograms represent the case when more then on cluster is reconstructed in the FCAL.

Detector 2D.jpg

2D view of GlueX detector with y-axis scale doubled. Two lines represent 7 and 12 degree cones viewed from the target center (approximately).