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  • This is done by a cron job that runs on ifarm1102 on the gluex account.
  • The software scripts can be found in the repository at:

Adding a New Run Period

1) For each new run period, first create a new workflow:

swif create -workflow recon_tests_2016-02

2) Tell that workflow to start running (even though there are no jobs yet: this way all the cron job has to do is add a new job):

swif run -workflow recon_tests_2016-02

3) Pick a full file from a good run (production, status_approved) to analyze. Then, add it to your own local copy of the file so that it is processed.

4) Commit this change to the repository, and update the version on the gluex account.

cd /group/halld/Software/scripts/monitoring/recon_test/
svn update