Software and Computing Review 5

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Organizing Note from Rolf Ent

Dear all,

as you likely have heard from your Hall Leaders, we plan another version of the software and computing reviews we have had preparing for the 12 GeV era. Of course, the scenery changed as we are now in official 4-Hall operations, so you will see the emphasis of the review shift more to the experimental computing status and outlook for the next five years. However, we do plan to pick up some remnants of software preparation and status of items that were not completely ready yet at the time of the last review - these are related to SBS and CLAS12.

Please see attached the charge and the suggested agenda. Speaker names are of course tentative and we need the Hall input, especially for those with a "?". As before, I added some commentary that is hopefully useful on what to include/expect in the various presentations. <P> As last time we will have a generic talk on Halls A/C, Hall B and Hall D status with updates etc. And then as said there are "deep dive" talks included for SBS and for Hall B/CLAS12. Graham will have a presentation on the 'roll-up" computing requirements, which also include plans for off site Monte Carlo. The Hall software representatives will need to work with Graham to provide updates on the projections. All talks are plenary as that was the preference of the reviewers last time. <P> In the afternoon the emphasis is more on the scientific computing, followed by a session more forward looking to potential gaps appearing on the horizon. <P> Given the change of emphasis of the review this time, we will have some new reviewers. Torre Wenaus will as before be the chair, and we plan to at least have one repeat reviewer for consistency, but we also plan to have one reviewer each with expertise in applications and computing facilities. <P> I would like the usual Hall and user software suspects to look at the agenda, and come back to me with any change of speaker suggestions. My guess is beyond that stage we plan one initial "dry run" just to see/learn how different groups "fill in" their talks, and then as before will load draft presentations and comment/improve/iterate while the draft talks come in. <P> Best regards, Rolf === Agenda ===