Solenoid Current Studies

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This page will serve as a collaborative workspace for groups studying the effects of the reducing the solenoid current. Details of the simulation, as well as results of the analysis can be shared here.

Existing Studies

The effect of a decreased solenoid current on \omega reconstruction has been examined in some detail in [GlueX Doc 1429]. It may be useful to reproduce this study with the latest reconstruction.

Useful Links


The following channels were suggested at the May 2014 collaboration meeting (see document). Details of the progress of the analyses can be included below. This can include genr8/HDGEANT input files, JANA plugins used for the analysis, results...

Skim/Analysis Cuts

  1. Individual Tracking FOM 3 sigma (instead of combined: just seems more intuitive).
  2. Has-detector-match (DCutAction_AllTracksHaveDetectorMatch).

3) Individual Neutral PID FOM 5-sigma (DCutAction_PIDFOM). 4) If no missing particle, cut on transverse momentum at 400 MeV/c (DCutAction_TransverseMomentum) 5) Kinematic fit converges (DCutAction_KinFitFOM with cut value of 0.0).

It seemed like the PID cuts on charged particles (e.g. 5-sigma w/o BCAL) were cutting away too much "signal," although some of that signal might have been ghost tracks. Before cutting on it, you'd want to do some studies to see how many combos that contain tracks with low PID confidence actually pass kinematic fit or BDT cuts.

Everything else should probably be left to the BDT.

Failed to parse (lexing error): \gamma \, p ≈ \rightarrow p \, X(2000) \, \rightarrow p \, \omega \, \pi^{+} \, \pi^{-}

  • Run Number: 7001

\gamma \,p\rightarrow p\,X(2000)\rightarrow p\,\eta \,\pi ^{{+}}\,\pi ^{{-}}

  • Run Number: 7002

\gamma \,p\rightarrow n\,X^{{+}}(2000)\rightarrow n\,\pi ^{{+}}\,\pi ^{{+}}\,\pi ^{{-}}

  • Run Number: 7003

\gamma \,p\rightarrow p\,Y(2170)\rightarrow p\,\phi \pi ^{{+}}\,\pi ^{{-}}