TOSCA field plots of the tagger dipole in mapping coordinates

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Dan Sober - 20-Nov-2013

For guidance in mapping, here are some plots of the Tosca 1.5T field in mapping coordinates.

Mapping coordinates

The origin (0,0,0) is the geometric center of the magnetic poles, located in the middle of the gap. The y axis points along the long axis of the magnet. The field is nearly uniform from y = -305 cm to 305 cm. The "effective field boundary" is at about y = -311.6 and 311.6 cm. The calculated field is symmetric about y=0, so only positive y values are plotted. The x axis points along the short axis of the magnet in the bend plane, with x increasing in the direction that incident electrons bend in the field. The field is nearly uniform from about x = -15 cm to +15 cm. The "effective field boundary" is at about x = 20.5 cm.


I have used Gnuplot's default sequence of colors for the lines, not all of which are easily visible, so I have added some labels near the curves. The plots vs x in the central region are all nearly identical except in the 20 Gauss region on the log plot, which is why no labels were added.

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