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Meetings and Other Important Information

Miscellaneous Information

Data Challenges

Old Stuff

Scope of Trigger/DAQ/Monitoring/Controls Effort

The responsibility of the Online Working Group (OWG) includes all aspects of running the experiment and taking data, as well as initial diagnosis of all problems that occur during data taking. Installation and repair of detector hardware is by necessity the responsibility of the individual detector groups. But control and monitoring of all detector hardware by shift personnel is the responsibility of the OWG.

Note that it is very important that every aspect of the experiment seen by shift personnel fall under the purview of the OWG. This is the only way to ensure that the operator environment is as simple and consistent as possible.

The OWG will review all controls software components developed by detector groups for compatibility with the overall control system. Such components may need to be modified to be compatible. Systems used only by experts need not be reviewed, although compatibility with the rest of the system is desirable. Similarly, controls hardware must be compatible with the overall experiment and slow controls systems. Every effort will be made to be as open to different types of hardware as possible.

OWG responsibilities include:

  • trigger hardware (with Electronics and Trigger groups)
  • trigger and front-end programming, configuration, and control* Revisit energy-sum trigger algorithm - Alex S - 29-Nov-2007
  • all aspects of data taking
  • L3 trigger and farm system (n.b. L3 algorithm will come from the Offline Working Group)
  • data transfer and storage on the silo
  • run management and control
  • online bookkeeping and electronic logbooks
  • all computers, networking, and telecom in the hall, tagger hall, and counting house
  • experiment and slow controls
  • alarm systems
  • archiving and display of controls data
  • event monitoring and display
  • counting house physical environment
  • etc.

Software HOWTO's

Online Design and Planning (kind of old)


Misc Links (a bit old)

Online Subsystems

Other Groups Relevant to the Online Effort

  • Hall D Electronics Working Group
  • Hall D Offline Software Working Group
  • JLab DAQ Group
  • JLab Electronics Group
  • JLab Computer Center
  • JLab Accelerator Division