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Photoproduction of 𝜂 Mesons with the GlueX Experiment

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Jonathan Zarling
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Jonathan Zarling
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29 Oct 2020, 11:32
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29 Oct 2020, 13:38
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02 Nov 2020, 21:22
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Studies of the production and decay of the η meson in photoproduction offer a wide range of physics opportunities: these include constraining models of hadronic photoproduction processes, relevant to searches for novel states in the light meson spectrum, searches for BSM states, high precision tests of chiral perturbation theory, and tests of CP conservation in the QCD sector. \textsc{GlueX}, a high-intensity photoproduction experiment located at Hall~D of Jefferson Lab, offers a high-statistics sample of η mesons off the proton and a unique degree of forward boosting in the lab frame to suppress background. However, the production mechanisms of the eta meson are poorly constrained at Eγ=\hspace*{0.03cm}~6-11~GeV by previous experiments. We present recent results from the \textsc{GlueX} experiment that allow greater insight into η photoproduction using several η decay modes. Such measurements inform future searches for exotic hybrid mesons and serve as benchmarks for the Jefferson Lab Eta Factory, a future upgrade to the existing \textsc{GlueX} facility.
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DNP 2020 Fall held from 29 Oct 2020 to 01 Nov 2020 in Virtual - New Orleans, Louisiana
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