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JLAB Eta Factory Experiment in Hall D (APS 2021 talk)

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Alexander Somov
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Alexander Somov
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17 Apr 2021, 12:18
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17 Apr 2021, 12:18
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17 Apr 2021, 12:18
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18 Apr 2021, 15:17
17 Apr 2021, 12:25
The new experiment, JLab Eta Factory (JEF), in the experimental Hall-D at Jefferson Lab will extend the physics potential of the GlueX beyond the main spectroscopy program and study rare decays of eta mesons. Among various physics topics, the experiment will focus on decays of eta mesons to the η → π0γγ final state. This decay mode provides an important information for higher-order calculations in chiral perturbation theory. The final state is ideal for the search of the leptophobic dark B-boson in the reactions η → Bγ, B → π0γ and the scaler dark matter mediator S in the channel η → π0S, S → γγ. The experiment requires to upgrade the inner part of the forward lead glass calorimeter of the GlueX detector with high-granularity, high-resolution lead tungstate PbWO4 scintillating crystals. The detector will be ready to take data in 2023. I will give an overview of the JEF project.

This work was supported bythe US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics under contract DE-AC05-06OR23177.

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JEF FCAL upgrade
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held on 17 Apr 2021 in Online
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