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Alexander Somov of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Alexander Somov)

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5832-v2 Task list of the FCAL2 installation Arshak Asaturyan et al. Detector Hardware
JEF Physics
23 Nov 2022
5748-v1 Production of FCAL2 modules Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
21 Sep 2022
5549-v3 JLab Eta Factory Experiment in Hall D (proceedings) Alexander Somov GlueX Physics
Detector Hardware
JEF Physics
05 Apr 2022
5426-v1 Beam Tests of PbWO4 Crystals and Calorimeter Modules using Hall D Pair Spectrometer Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
28 Jan 2022
5368-v3 JLAB Eta Factory Experiment in Hall D (talk at CD2021) Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
JEF Physics
15 Nov 2021
5344-v1 The JLab Eta Factory (JEF) experiment Alexander Somov GlueX Experiment
JEF Physics
26 Oct 2021
4784-v18 Electromagnetic calorimeters based on the scintillating lead tungstate crystals for experiments at Jefferson Lab Vladimir Berdnikov et al. Detector Hardware
22 Jul 2021
5110-v1 Preparation for the PrimEx Run and FCAL Upgrade for JEF Alexander Somov GlueX Physics
Detector Hardware
JEF Physics
24 May 2021
4981-v4 Linearity Test of the Active-base Amplifier Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
04 May 2021
5061-v3 JLAB Eta Factory Experiment in Hall D (APS 2021 talk) Alexander Somov GlueX Physics
GlueX Experiment
JEF Physics
18 Apr 2021
4361-v3 Estimates of the PMT Anode Current of the CCAL (FCAL2) Modules Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
05 Apr 2021
4166-v5 Study of the FCAL II Magnetic Field Shielding using Helmholz Coils Joshua P Crafts et al. Detector Hardware
05 Apr 2021
3272-v2 Characterization of the NPS and COMPCAL Readout Fernando J. Barbosa et al. Frontend
10 Jan 2021
4724-v3 PrimEx overview and preparation for 2021 Alexander Somov GlueX Experiment
22 Oct 2020
4654-v1 Status of Lumi Determination for PrimEx (Part 1) Alexander Somov Photon Beam
11 Sep 2020
4611-v1 Simulation of bad channels in calorimeteres (implementation for PrimEx) Alexander Somov Monte Carlo
Detector Hardware
31 Jul 2020
4610-v1 Simulation of bad channels in calorimeteres (implementation for PrimEx) Alexander Somov Monte Carlo
Detector Hardware
31 Jul 2020
4609-v1 Simulation of bad channels in calorimeteres (implementation for PrimEx) Alexander Somov Monte Carlo
Detector Hardware
31 Jul 2020
4509-v1 Status of the PS / Tagger Energy Calibration (Spring 2020 Runs) Alexander Somov Photon Beam
26 May 2020
4483-v3 Preparation for PrimEx run in 2021 Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
13 May 2020
4466-v1 Status of the FCAL2 construction (May 2020) Alexander Somov GlueX Experiment
Detector Hardware
11 May 2020
4339-v1 Status of the Level 1 Trigger (Spring 2020) Alexander Somov Rates, Trigger and DAQ
13 Feb 2020
4337-v1 Status of the FCAL Insert, FCAL2 (Spring 2020) Alexander Somov Detector Hardware
13 Feb 2020
1272-v2 Update on the Trigger Simulation Alexander Somov Trigger
30 Jan 2020
1368-v3 Resolution studies of a dipole tagger magnet: response to the magnet review referees Alexander Somov Tagger
09 Dec 2019
3924-v3 PS acceptance determination (Spring 2019) Alexander Somov Photon Beam
12 Nov 2019
4256-v2 Prospects of Studying Photoproduction on Nuclear Targets with the GlueX Detector (SESAPS 2019) Alexander Somov GlueX Physics
11 Nov 2019
1137-v1 Level-1 Trigger of the GlueX Experiment Alexander Somov Trigger
Tagger Rates
23 Oct 2019
2784-v7 Photoproduction of omega mesons off nuclei and impact of polarization on meson-nucleon interaction Eugene Chudakov et al. GlueX Physics
28 Jan 2016
1660-v3 Calculation of Radiation Damage to Silicon Photomultipliers in GlueX Experiment Pavel Degtiarenko et al. General
24 Feb 2011
1561-v1 Hall-D Level-1 Trigger Commissioning (Part II) Hai Dong et al. Trigger
19 Jul 2010
1560-v1 Level-1 Trigger Commissioning (Part I) Hai Dong et al. Trigger
19 Jul 2010
1513-v1 Status of the beamline simulation Alexander Somov General
Tagger Rates
11 May 2010
1505-v1 Level-1 Trigger Commissioning Status Alexander Somov Trigger
10 May 2010
1273-v1 Monte Carlo Geometry Update Alexander Somov Beamline Background
12 May 2009

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