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Cherenkov detector design for HallD at Jefferson Lab

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Hall D Note
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Gary Adams
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Gary Adams
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07 Jul 2002, 10:41
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07 Jul 2002, 10:41
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07 Jul 2002, 10:41
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22 Jun 2004, 11:52
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The Cherenkov detector in the Hall D experiment at Jefferson labs is designed to be a C4F10 gas-filled detector running at atmospheric pressure. It is intended to differentiate between energetic pions and kaons when time-of-flight measurements are unable to do so.

The objective of this project was to design and test the Cherenkov detector. An optical and mechanical design was achieved from computer simulations and physical tests. The dimension design of the optical mirrors was done using numerical simulations. Manufacturability and consistency of the manufacturing technique was physically tested. Photomultiplier tubes were selected based on this design. The shielding required for these PMTs were designed and tested using information from the overall design of Hall D. Finally, a solid model of the entire detector was built to facilitate visualization, integration with the overall Hall D design, and to facilitate further design modifications and analyses.

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