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Tests on Silicon Photo-multiplier Diodes (SiPM)

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Hall D Note
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Mauricio Barbi
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Mauricio Barbi
Document Created:
27 Oct 2005, 11:57
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27 Oct 2005, 12:06
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03 Jun 2008, 15:19
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27 Oct 2005, 11:57
Silicon photomultipliers are being considered as photo-sensors for the GlueX electromagnetic barrel calorimeter. Unlike regular vacuum photo-multipliers, these devices are not affected by magnetic field. They also have very fast detection recovery time, and rise time in the picoseconds range. First studies on some of the main characteristics of the silicon photomultipliers are shown in this report. The aim is to summarize preliminary studies on some of properties of the silicon photomultipliers, namely: measurement of the dark rate, gain and energy resolution, determination of the breakdown voltage and tuning of the readout electronic circuit.
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  • PDF file (David-report-SiPM.pdf, 494.3 kB)
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