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Simulation of Shielding Options for an Active Collimator System

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Hall D Note
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Richard T. Jones
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Richard T. Jones
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20 May 2003, 11:41
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20 May 2003, 11:41
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20 May 2003, 11:41
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22 Jun 2004, 11:52
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This paper covers the details of a simulation of three shielding options for an active collimator system to be used in the upcoming GlueX experiment. The simulations were run with Geant, a high energy particle physics simulation program developed at CERN. Three collimator shielding options, heavy, moderate and light shielding, were simulated. The simulations revealed that the light shielding option was least effective in blocking secondary particles from penetrating into the experimental hall while the heavy and moderate shielding options both provided adequate shielding for the collimator. The heavy and moderate shielding options lead to acceptable background levels in the detectors, however, cost and ease of construction make the moderate shielding option the more desirable of the two.
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