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Simulation of Tagger Backgrounds Returning from the Electron Beam Dump

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Technical Note
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Richard T. Jones
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Richard T. Jones
Document Created:
09 May 2006, 20:59
Contents Revised:
09 May 2006, 20:59
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15 Jul 2006, 20:44
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The civil engineering design team has proposed a layout of the tagger area for Hall D that has the electron beam dump located at the end of a corridor that is connected to the main tagger hall. A labyrinth composed of concrete shielding walls is proposed to shield the instrumentation in the tagger area from radiation back-streaming from the dump. The purpose of this note is to estimate residual backgrounds in the tagging counters under these
conditions. Backgrounds originating within the main tagger hall, in the exit electron beam line, and in the dump itself have been investigated separately using a high-statistics Monte Carlo study. This study shows that the backgrounds coming from the electron beam downstream of the tagger vacuum chamber are negligible compared to sources located in the tagger area proper. At the level of sensitivity of this study, no backgrounds coming from the dump itself were detected in the tagging counters.
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