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Investigation of GUIDEIT Ray Tracing Program

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Technical Note
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Zisis Papandreou
Updated by:
Zisis Papandreou
Document Created:
24 May 2006, 09:30
Contents Revised:
24 May 2006, 09:30
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24 May 2006, 10:00
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An investigation of the ray-tracing program GUIDEIT has been performed to gain knowledge regarding ray tracing in scintillating fibres (SciFi). GUIDEIT simulations of both single- and multi-clad fibres were developed. These simulations are of interest due to the large role of SciFi in the Barrel Calorimeter (BCAL) portion of the GlueX project. The simulations produced data pertaining to the Time of Flight, Number of Bounces, Exit Position and Exit Angle of photons traveling down SciFi. The data was also used to analyze Light Yield and Trapping Efficiency of SciFi.
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bcal Guideit
Notes and Changes:
The work in this report was completed in September 2005. A continuation of this effort has been underway by the Athens Group and a new and more detailed report will be forthcoming.
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