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Best Practices

  • Run Control
    • Every run should be begun starting at the "Configure" step in the Run Control GUI.
    • Every run should have at least a brief descriptive comment entered, even those taken by experts performing tests.
      • Here is an example of a good comment for a production run: "Radiator is JD70-119, PARA, Target Full, Production Mode, 200nA, 182 M events, good beam, occasional FSD trip, FCAL HV alarms, livetime ~90%, event rate ~ 30kHz, data rate ~600 MB/sec"
    • The run should be stopped before changing radiators or any other beam/detector conditions. Otherwise the information stored in RCDB may be incorrect.
    • If the DAQ crashes, take a screenshot and add it to the elog
  • Logbook Entries
    • Each shift should have a summary entry where events and runs are logged, including all interactions with the MCC. Major events should also have their own log entries. A good example of a summary entry is at this link.
    • The summary logbook entry should have a summary of at minimum the production run taken during the shift along with the number of triggers in each run and the radiator information.
  • Data Quality Monitoring
    • Start RootSpy fresh for each run.
    • Approximately 10-15 minutes after the start of the run, the histograms displayed by RootSpy should be checked against the approved reference histograms. These histograms should be posted to the logbook, using the button on the RootSpy GUI.
    • At least once during the run, check to see if the recent monitoring histograms look good by using the "Reset" button.
  • On EPICS summary screen, good photon beam transmission from the 58 um diamond radiator corresponds to PS/PSC coincidences of ~1.9/2.3 kHz (beam current = 100nA), ~2.5/3.3 kHz (beam current = 150nA)
  • Once per day a harp scan should be run following the directions at this link. Note that the beam is expected to be Gaussian with sigmas in the range 0.6mm to ~1.2mm, but any action should be taken by the RC.
  • Keep a strip chart of the beam position using the following EPICS variables: IBCAD00CRCUR6, AC:inner:position:x, AC:outer:position:x, IPM5C11B.XPOS, IPM5C11B.YPOS, IPMAD00C.XPOS, IPMAD00C.YPOS


What should I do if I can't find an answer

If you have a question that is not answered by this wiki, first look to the whiteboard in the counting house. If that does not answer your question, ask the RC.