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Checklist (HCO) maintenance

Hall D is using the accelerator-developed system of checklists, commonly referred to as the hot checkout (HCO). The system is driven by a web-based interface with many features that can be discovered interactively. However, there are a few infrequent actions that require specific instructions. Note that some of these require special permissions, not generally granted.

Subsystem participation

After adding a subsystem, it must be enabled. To enable the "participation" of a particular component in the checklist, use the setup component participation page. User the filter to select the particular component of interest and then 'click' on the column that requires that component. At least one box must be checked for the component to be listed in the readiness or signoff pages.

Modification of groups

Changes to checklist groups and the addition/removal of members to a particular group can be done only by accelerator software experts. Send the request with the name of the group to be modified, the name of the person to be added/removed and his/her computer username to Theo Larrieu or Ryan Slominski.

View checklist comments

To view the comments entered when checklists were completed, use the 'reports / activity detail' page. Select your subsystem, select the beam destination, and make sure the period range covers the time of interest. A specific group can also be selected. The generated list contains changes to the status of that particular system/component and the comments entered at the change.

Alternatively, from the Readiness page, click on the subsystem of interest (not a specific group). This will bring up a table with 'Group Signoff', where one may sign off or view the history for each group. A second table below has a listing of each group with links to their checklist.

Downgrading status

09/11/18: Automatic downgrades: Use the "Bulk Signoff" page under the Setup Tab. You can use this page to set the status of all signoffs for one or more subsystems at once. Set category to 'Hall D', then usually exclude 'Hall D Shutdown' and downgrade all to 'Not Ready'. This procedure supersedes instructions below.

Downgrading by Hand: Downgrading the status can be done on the signoff page. For any given system there can be multiple responsible groups so you'll need to decide if all groups will have their signoff downgraded or just a subset. The group signoffs in a particular subsystem are ordered left to right so choose the group at which downgrades should begin and all groups to their right will be cascaded down. For Hall D, select the "mechanical group," which is usually the first one (left-most) and all other groups will be downgraded also. After selecting the group/subsystem combination, use the 'Downgrade options' on the bottom right to select the downgrade action requested for a given status. Then use the 'Edit Signoff' button at the top left to complete the downgrade.

Tips: Use the blue arrow button on the top of the signoff table to select an entire column of signoffs. You may find using the "Start with Category" checkbox found in the top right corner of the signoff screen makes navigating the component tree easier for the downgrading task, especially if you decide "Checked" is not downgraded far enough and you need to change your group selection without losing your subsystem selection. Also an error message with a race condition occurs if both boxes (Downgrade Options) are not both set to "Not Ready."


Masking a component can be done on the component list setup page. Use the filter form to find the component in question then click on the table row containing the component to select the component and click the "Mask/Unmask Selected" button. This action requires special permissions.

Expert personnel

The individuals responsible from Hall D for checking that the checklists are prepared to be filled for a given run period are shown in following table. Additional experts on the software itself from accelerator are listed in case issues come up with their implementation.

Table: Expert personnel for the HCO system
Name Extension Date of qualification
Elton Smith 269-7625 January, 2015
Ryan Slominski 269-6495
Theo Larrieu 269-7708