Compton Calorimeter Shift

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Compton Calorimeter

The compton calorimeter (CompCal) is an array of 12x12 PWO modules. Light from each module is detected using Hamamatsu R4125 photomultiplier tube, which is operated at the typical HV of 800 V.

Routine operation

The shift workers will need to monitor the CompCal performance using the CSS monitoring GUIs described below. The following parameters have to be checked during routine operation of the CompCal detector: temperature, high voltages, and occupancy plots. If requested by the system expert, the shift crew can turn ON and OFF all the HV using the HV GUI.

The HV voltage parameters, such as voltage settings, trip currents cannot be changed by the shift workers.

CompCal EPICS GUI Screens

Expert personnel

The individuals responsible for checking that the CCAL is ready to take data and setting its operating parameters are shown in following table. Problems with normal operation of the CCAL should be referred to those individuals and any changes to their settings must be approved by them. Additional experts may be trained by the system owner and their name and date added to this table.

Table: Expert personnel for the CCAL system
Name Number Date of qualification
Alexander Somov 383-3446 JLab: 5553