Configuration Management

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Detector Specification and Performance

  1. Summary of Hall D Subsytems (D00000-00-00-S006)
  2. GlueX Documentation DocDB
  3. Technical Publications

Shift Instructions and documentation

  1. Documentation for Shift Takers

Engineering Documention

  1. Engineering design drawings, procedures and specifications are in JLab Document repository
  2. Additional Mechanical Engineering documentation
    • On Windows machines M:\halld_engineering\
    • On Unix machines: /group/halld_engineering/
  3. Electrical Engineering procedures and specifications
  4. Electrical Engineering documentation (access controlled by Fernando Barbosa)
    • On Windows machines M:\halld-electronics\
    • On Unix machines: /group/halld-electronics/

Construction Tracking

  1. Forward Drift Chambers Pansophy Travellers
  2. Central Drift Chambers Construction
  3. Barrel Calorimeter Module Fabrication, Pansophy Travellers
  4. Time-of-Flight Construction
  5. Start Counter Construction

Records of Activity in the Hall

  1. Hall-D List
  2. Hall D Electronic Log Books

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

  1. JInventory Data Base