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  • This document describes the goals & plans for the data monitoring that will be carried out during the fall 2014 commissioning run of Hall D.

Commissioning Tests

Raw Data

  • Are the detectors working?
    • TAGH, TAGM, CDC, FDC, SC, TOF, BCAL, FCAL, PS (Pair Spectrometer)
    • Do all of the channels have hits?
    • What are the hit counts/rates per channel?
    • Are the energies & times OK, garbage, or out of range? (by channel)
  • Can we read data from tape?
  • Can we reproduce the online histograms with offline data?

Reconstruction Quality Monitoring

  • What is the calibration quality of each system?
  • Can we perform reconstruction for each system? (Tracks, showers, etc.)
  • Are there any regions of the detector where reconstruction is inefficient?
  • Are tracks being properly matched to hits in the other detectors?
  • What is the quality of the particle ID?

Analysis Quality Monitoring

  • Can we see π0 peaks
  • Can we see simple final states
    • γ p → p π+ π-
    • γ p → p π+ π- π0
    • γ p → p π+ π- η

Offline Data Monitoring Plans

Raw Data

  • Pull key data/histograms from online histograms, put data in database, make history & plots viewable on webpage
  • Periodically test that we can reproduce online histograms using on-tape EVIO data.

Calibration/Reconstruction Quality

  • Periodically submit jobs to monitor calibration & reconstruction quality of data on tape.
    • Just a file or two from each run.
    • Submit either at some fixed-time interval (every 2 weeks?) or perhaps after big changes.
    • Save key data in database, make history & key plots viewable on webpage
  • When ready to do full reconstruction, run calibration & reconstruction quality plugins on all files, save key data to database & make viewable on webpage.

Analysis Quality

  • Periodically submit analysis jobs to study π0's and simple final states, show results at meetings.

Action Items


  • David and the online group will manage the online monitoring environment (RootSpy, hdview2, etc.)
  • Make sure online monitoring histograms are stored on the ifarm work disk somewhere for quick offline access, and archived to tape.
  • Make sure that the run conditions information stored in the online database are query-able.

Detector groups

  • Writing the raw data monitoring plugins for their systems.
  • Determining which raw data plots are the primary plots (most important for shift-takers) and which are diagnostic plots.
  • Integrating their raw data histograms into RootSpy.
  • Writing the calibration scripts/programs/plugins for their systems, and updating the reconstruction software as needed.


  • Will setup and maintain the offline reconstruction software build for monitoring (help/direction from Simon/Mark?)
  • Will integrate the monitoring_hists plugin (reconstruction) plots into RootSpy.


  • Will write and (periodically) submit jobs to the farm to:
    • Test the raw data to see whether we can reproduce the online hisotgrams offline
    • Produce updated calibration & reconstruction quality histograms (a few files per run)
    • Study π0 reconstruction and simple final states, and will show results at meetings.
  • Will maintain/organize the histogram files on the GlueX work disk.


  • Will build (sqlite) database for storing key data monitoring information (run meta info, and entries for each EVIO file).
  • Will write and launch scripts that pull key data from the online monitoring histograms (after each run ends) and stores them in the database.
  • Will write and launch scripts that pull key data from the calibration/reconstruction quality histograms (that Kei makes) and stores them in the database.
    • All of these scripts should also grab key plots for the webpage and save the png(s) to disk.


  • Will build webpage(s) for viewing primary plots of:
    • Raw data for: All runs, past run history (trends of key data from database)
    • Reconstruction & calibration quality for: Each run, & trends of key data for all runs.
  • Will work with Sean to write scripts to ping database for data and grab histogram png(s) to update the webpages.