Procedure installing solid target

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Procedure to install/change solid targets

Experts: Matt Marchlik, Alexandre Deur, Tim Withlatch


hose clamp
  1. Inform MCC that we will want to install a target. Tell them what type of target will be installed. If necessary (first time the target is install). Notify RadCon of the installation.
  2. If needed, request Radiological survey of the target area.
  3. Remove the beam profiler if necessary.
  4. Open the two hose clamps holding the beam tube to the fixed V-blocks, see 1st picture.
  5. Spin the jack adjustment nut on the adjustable V-block rest until the beam line is high enough to allow the target mount tube to be easily removed. See the jack on the 2nd picture.
    Beam Line jack
    The proper height for the beam line is when the gauge tube (stored in a yellow plastic bin attached to one of the beam line post.) fits between the jack's handle and the beam line, as shown on the 3rd picture.
    The gauge tube determines the proper height at which the beam line should be lifted.
  6. Remove the target mount tube. Make sure you support it horizontally to not break the thin white extremity of the tube (fragile) , see 4th photo showing the white extremity:
    White tube extremity (fragile)
  7. Remove the current target and replace it with the desired one. The targets are stored in the same yellow plastic bin that contains the gauge tube. If you insert the Cross Target, the Triangle Target or any target that is not symmetric around the beam line, orientate the target properly: One point of the triangle target and one rod of the cross target shall line up with the black line on the white extremity end.
  8. Insert the target mount tube. Make sure you support it horizontally to not break the thin white extremity of the tube (fragile). Slide it up to the desired target Z-position. (The nominal target Z-position marked by a white ring painted on the target tube). If the orientation of the target matters (e.g. we are using the Cross target or the Triangle target), align the black line on the target tube to the black line on the support tube. See 5th picture.
    Orientation marks
  9. Lower the beam line down onto the two fixed V-blocks by spinning the adjustment nut on the adjustable V-block rest. Spin the nut a couple of times further to ensure the temporary V-block is not in contact with the beam line.
  10. Replace the two aluminum angle pieces and tighten the hose clamps
  11. If necessary, Reinstall the profiler.
  12. Log the change in the HDLOG (Tags: Target)
  13. Update database to reflect the target change: procedure to update the target status in the database. To do this, go here and follow the procedure:
    • log into wiki (top right button)
    • Edit the "Target History" section (click on the button to the right of the title)
    • Copy and past a line of the wikitable and fill in the proper information. The Target Types index is given on the same page.