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Last updated

28 June, by Naomi Jarvis

Current Experiment

Measuring the Charged Pion Polarizability in the γγ -> π+π- reaction

  • Experiment number: E12-13-008 (use in BTA shift information)
  • Proposal: PAC link
  • Spokesperson: Rory Miskimen


Run conditions

Hall D counting room white board

  • Radiator JD70-103 45/135
  • Collimator 3.4 mm
  • TPOL converter Be 750 um
  • Coherent edge see whiteboard
  • Runs are no more than 2 hours - see whiteboard for production cycle

DAQ config

  • setup: PHYSICS_CPP
  • production: config FCAL_BCAL_PS_CPP_m9.conf
  • (raw mode: config FCAL_BCAL_PS_CPP_m10.conf)

Run plan

See the daily plan in Run Coordination Meetings:Summer2022 and also the counting house whiteboard

Shift duties

GlueX Guidelines are at Shift_Guidelines_for_Shift_Leader and Guidelines_for_Remote_Worker_Shift

run comments

Put information, eg "production 25 nA Pb", in the run comments window of the DAQ. The comments are needed for RCDB.

The run comments window should appear automatically after a run has been started. Enter comments and SAVE, do not exit. If the run comments window is visible, check first whether it is hiding eg on the upper workspcace. If it is not up, restart the DAQ before start of the next run.

list of production runs

  • Include a separate list of the runs taken during the shift at the end of the shift leader summary
  • Please include the following:
    run number, start & stop times, beam current, Pb target / no target, radiator & orientation, daq configuration, daq event rate, daq livetime, number of events, production/test/junk/any_other_comment

BTA sheet

  • The BTA guidelines are at BTA_guidelines.
    After loading the EPICS values, you may change the values, eg round them up or down.
    • BANU values >= 5 minutes must be reflected in the PCC value (else the aftermath doesnt work out for RC)
    • BANU values < 5 minutes may be set to 0
    • UED: unplanned experiment down (hardware failure)

strip charts

  • Log the strip charts of beam current and position, see Slow_Controls_Shift#MYA_Archiver
    • on a gluon machine type myaPlot
    • right-click on the blank space of the myaPlot screen and select "Clone in new LivePlot"
    • right-click on the screen and select "Load a Configuration"
    • the configuration "beam_conditions" provides the beam current and position information
    • right-click on the screen and select "Make Elog Entry", make sure you do not log to ELOG but to HDLOG.

data monitoring plots

log per run, Online_Monitoring_Shift

screen shot of CSS GlueX Overview

log per run, Slow_Controls_Shift#EPICS_Control_Screens , also see screenshot tool for making E-log entries

shift checklist

log per shift, Shift_Checklist

Special instructions

Hall Delta

It's good practice to refer to our hall as Delta when talking to MCC, to make sure that there is no acoustic confusion between us and Hall B.

After beam restoration

Target status


If you have to restart rootspy, Online_Monitoring_Shift#Routine_Operation, and it crashes, you might have to restart the monitoring process, find help at Online_Monitoring_Shift#Starting_and_stopping_the_Monitoring_System.

DAQ issues

Call the expert. In case they suggest that you restart the DAQ, find information at Data_Acquisition_Shift.

Timing problems

If there are any, please add to the notifications in the logbook entry.

Example double timing peaks:

Shoulders on timing peaks might be features and not problems: