Training and Safety

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Training and Safety Documentation for Shift-takers

Required Training (Web Based Training Page)

  • EH&S Orientation (SAF 100)
  • Security Awareness for Employees (GEN034) for Users (GEN034U)
  • Radiation Worker Training (SAF801C, SAF801T, SAF801P)
  • Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Training (SAF 103)
  • Hall D Safety Awareness: Walk-through (SAF 113)
  • General Access RWP: (SAF801kd)

Required Reading. Verification of reading and understanding these documents is documented by signing the sheet located in a ”yellow binder” of the experiment specific documents. These binders can be found in the Hall D counting house and in the MCC. The documents may be updated before each running period.

GlueX Collaboration By-laws (Section E)

Information for Shift-Takers