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0000131Hall D OfflineGeneralpublic2011-09-21 12:582012-08-08 14:41
Assigned Towolin 
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Summary0000131: Write requirements for digitizing Monte Carlo data for online testing
Descriptionneeded for stress testing
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child of 0000093resolvedheyes Hall D Online DAQ-like EVIO file from simulated data 

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wolin (administrator)
2011-09-21 15:43

I will work with Dave Abbott to develop this facility. I have the JANA plugin just about done and Dave will supply the packing routines. Dave says he will begin work on this when he gets back from vacation next week.
wolin (administrator)
2011-09-21 15:48

I hope to release a beta version soon after Dave gets me the packing routines. Requirements are already done: the output file should be identical to one generated by the DAQ system. To start I use a fake translation table (detector channel to crate/slot/channel), but once we know where the wires really go I can modify the translation table (just XML) and then the program output will be realistic.

Note that we can test a lot with the fake translation table, as many things do not depend on the exact crate/slot/channel assignment scheme.
marki (administrator)
2012-01-31 16:59

Reminder sent to: wolin

Any progress on this?
wolin (administrator)
2012-01-31 17:16

I completed what I had to do, including the fake translation table (which now has to be updated due to new channels). Unfortunately Dave Abbott has been extremely busy for a very long time, first with getting the halls going for the current running period, and now getting CODA3 out. I'm hoping once the CODA3 alpha version is out, Graham says in the next week or two, either Dave will complete his part, or perhaps Graham will assign it to someone else in the DAQ group.
wolin (administrator)
2012-04-05 16:48

Hall D code is ready, waiting for Dave Abbott to deliver routing that takes MC hit data and stores them in an EVIO buffer in the format the event builder outputs.
wolin (administrator)
2012-07-24 09:05
edited on: 2012-07-24 09:07

Updated fake translation table generator to change crates with each new detector system, and also simplified code. May need to update plugin if something changed. Also need to settle on how the translation table will be read into JANA, detector naming schemes, translation table index in JANA, etc.

wolin (administrator)
2012-08-08 14:41

Dave Abbott produced an API for calling the routines that convert from hits to CODA EVIO format. It looks simple and straightforward, so this completes developing requirements for writing simulated raw data tapes. Dave expects to have the code working in the next few weeks, then I'll call it from the DANARAW plugin.

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