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Present: M.D., A.D., S.Š, J.S.


  • S.Š: produced BH plots for electrons and muons, and added them to the proposal (+accompanying paragraph)
  • AD:
  • Revised rates, now accounting for 50% tagger efficiency for lower photon energy, and for the smaller Lorentz boost at Ebeam=5.5 GeV
  • Added a section table of beam time request/timeline summary.
    • The table Includes a spindance done with GlueX detector. It assumes 8h based on the following:
      • 0.5% raw asymmetry (half of the 1% physics asymmetry due to PbPt~0.6 and assuming a slight 20% dilution from background)
      • 20kHz of good rate. (We expect 40khz of good rate, but I assumed harsh online cuts so that we stay away from regions where we may have high dilution (forward angles)/poor efficiency).
        • 5 points at different Wien angles. (we usually do 3 but maybe we should be generous for a first time in Hall D.)
        • Each point then takes about 1.4h, for a total of 7h. Then adding a 1h overhead makes 8h.