2011 Hall B Bcal Goals

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Initial thoughts from Zisis 8/4/11

  1. The main objectives of the BCAL beam test would be:
    • test the SiPMs with light guides, and in all their readout, mechanical and cooling glory in a beam environment, with Flash ADCs and the JLab DAQ system. The goal here is to see how everything behaves, work out kinks, the usual. A very short, but otherwise full thickness and width, BCAL mini module should be used. Maybe 20-30cm long, to fit in the tight space next to the FCAL setup and to be 'light enough' to handle by hand, just long enough to extract time difference from the ends.
    • use the data to learn/validate the MC and help us further our reconstruction effort.
  2. Questions: (just a few of the many here)
    • how many SiPM layers (I understand that we will have more than enough units by August/Sept to fully instrument a module, ie 80 units)? That would depend on the beam energy (instrumenting from the inner towards the outer), preamp number, & mech/cooling system, as well as electronics channels in an ADC. Instrumenting 4-6 inner layers on both sides should be a goal in my opinion, so as to contain most of the shower (depends logarithmically on beam energy).
    • Can we get all parts in place by November? (mechanical, preamp boards, cooling, and Chile light guides)?
    • I assume DAQ will be ready since we will use it for FCAL. Which trigger to accommodate both setups? Etc Etc.