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Hi folks:

this is a reminder for our teleconference regarding the BCAL beam tests at Hall-B on Tuesday August 29 at 12:30 EDT.


Call (306) 781-5999

Participants' code 2857251#


  1. Business Arising
    • Action Items (see updated list below)
  2. Hall-B
  3. Run Plan (see Beam_Test_Run_Plan)
  4. Monte Carlo (see Beam_Test_Software)
  5. Any other business
    • Software E-Log and hardbook log.
    • Offline inspection (offsite?)

Action Items

  1. BPM, Veto: Slow control cables and stand construction pending.
  2. Light Leak: Module has been painted and is covered with Tedlar. Light leak test pending in alcove.
  3. Tagger, Trigger, Cables: The fast core cable is pending. All other cabling is nearly complete.
  4. Data storage/Silo Request: David and Zisis will deal with this offline.
  5. Online Macros/MC Data steam/MC Validation & Binning: David and Zisis will work on these offline.
  6. Safety, COOP: TOSP and ESAD are nearing completion. COOP needs to be done ~2 weeks before the run.
  7. Run Plan: Decide on position/angle configurations and priorities.