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Status Quo

This page contains information on the Alberta CFDs. There is a single 4-channel unit in Regina and three other ones in Alberta. We had suggested to the UofA that they modify the unit by the addition of a chip to provide NIM output and then ship those remaining units to Regina. We have not received a reply on whether this was done. As it is, if we can be provided with a ECL to NIM converter (like a LeCroy NIM 4616, on loan from JLab or CMU), we can evaluate the perfomance of this type of CFD with our BCAL cosmics tests, and compare to the Ortec CFDs we currently use.

It is important to have sufficient electronics for our tests under Phase-II of the SiPMs, where a few SiPMs can be tested simultaneously on the hybrid BCAL module at the same time. Currently we have maxed out our electronics, that is set up to handle 4 readouts on the BCAL (two Burle 2" PMTs in the blue section, one green PMT and one SiPM on the green section) and three counters that form the trigger and clean event signatures (two scintillators and a lucite Cherenkov).

Instructions and Images

Below are: information on the operation of the CFDs as well as schematic diagrams and a picture of the board. Click on each thumbnail for an enlarged and high resolution image.