April 2, 2020 CPP Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place =

Thursday April 2, 2020, 1pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/239719940

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Stephanie, Llya, Rory (remote)


Minutes and Action Items

  • Reviewed minutes of last meeting
  • We looked at Rory's pictures and discussed the 3D model that Stephanie shared
  • looking at space on platform, we decided to leave the vertical cable managers so we have some space margin in the future
  • Need to develop a dimensional layout of 3D model -- Stephanie
    • Note: The chamber currently in the hall has different thickness dimensions than the new ones
    • New chambers are 2.09" thick skin to skin
  • Need to develop an installation procedure -- Tim/Stephanie
  • Need to separate the 2 DS chambers for the electronics RF shielding
    • Rory to supply the gauge and dimensions of the shield
    • Stephanie to update geometry in 3D model
  • Floor rail system design needed to allow CPP to move along with the FCAl platform
    • Tim to supply sketch
    • Stephanie to create 3D model and drawings
  • Dark Room Structure
    • Tim to supply sketch for structural needs
    • Stephanie to update 3D model and create drawings
    • New structural members need to be installed before skin removal
  • Next meeting to be 1:30 to avert a time conflict