August 10, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday August 10,2022 9:30am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams



  • Presented the attached presentation covering schedule,space, equipment and manpower
  • Need to come up with a detailed plan for Lead glass unstacking, refurb and module restack (Sasha)
    • Materials needed (mylar, silicone sheets etc..)
    • Manpower required
    • Equipment needed (shelving, tooling etc)
    • Space needed
    • include CCAL disassy and refurb modules
    • Cookie inspection?
    • Include testing of all crystals inside hall
    • Include additional dividers for crystals
    • Help from detector support group?
    • FCAL used teflon sheet to slide upper modules into place
  • Discussion on attaching racks to platform - Tim to investigate
  • Maybe a good idea to do a 10x10 stack up to practice and see where the difficulties lie
  • Develop a very detailed procedure and schedule for the entire project including manpower (Tim/Scot)
    • Need to uncable DIRC and reroute gas lines
    • Include the module plan from Sasha
    • Include addition of AC power on south side of platform
  • Develop Cable map and labelling (Fernado)
    • Determine space where cables can be labelled as well as manpower
    • Investigate if additional cable trays are needed for additional crystal signal cables
    • will signal cables be light weight and thin?
    • Cabling mock up for center section
    • How many new racks are needed?
  • Matt to go through spare parts he has and send needed stuff to JLAB.
    • plastic crates for modules
    • assembled modules
  • Need to include Fernando in future meetings
  • Set up periodic meetings to prepare