August 19, 2021 KLONG Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday August 19, 2021, 1pm Bluejeans

  • Present - Hovanes Egiyan, Moskov Amaryan, Stephanie Worthington, Keith Harding, Igor Strakovsky, Tim Whitlatch, Mark Stevens


Minutes and Action Items

  • Looking at 3D model of collimator cave. The 2 partial shield walls should have 10 cm lead on the downstream face of the concrete
  • discussed using 6 cm beampipe through wall at the mouth of the collimator cave. Need to make sure we can fit this.
  • decided to use aluminum windows to isolate the vacuum in the beamline. 250 microns ok
  • 10 cm distance from beryllium target to downstream vacuum window of.
  • we will need to remove the vacuum chamber from the pair spec magnet and replace with a 6cm beam pipe
  • use 5mm gap between beryllium and tungsten
  • Received quotes for $28K and $11K for 98% pure beryllium, ok to use as little as 90% pure, will seek an additional quote
  • need to look at thermal conductivity of whatever beryllium alloy is used
  • Discussed selaing of beryllium to prevent radiation contamination - discussion with Keith Welch from RadCon indicates maybe wrapping in aluminum foil may be good enough. More discussion will follow
  • Moskov asked if we should plan for 24 GeV beam requirement. Eugene thought this should be treated separately.

Action Items

  • Look at strength and deflection of base structure - Tim
  • Check to see if 6 cm pipe can fit through the shield wall at the collimator cave - Keith, Tim
  • Check overall dimensions of the collimator cave to compare to 3D model - Keith
  • Get Quote for 90% beryllium - Tim
  • Continue working on collimator cave 3D model - Keith