BCAL Reconstruction Meeting 2013-09-03

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Teleconference Time: 11:15 a.m. EDT

  • ESNET (Number is 8542553) and EVO session (GlueX Calorimetry meeting room)
  • Phone connection only upon request.
    • +1-866-740-1260 : US+Canada
    • +1-303-248-0285 : International
    • then enter participant code: 3421244# (remember the "#").
    • or www.readytalk.com (and code without the #)

Participant Direct Lines

  • JLab Phone: in CC F326 is 757-269-6460 (usual room)
  • JLab Phone in CC L207 is 757-269-7084
  • Phone in the Regina Video-conference Suite is 306-585-4204

Action Items

  1. BCAL Reconstruction Issues
  2. BCAL Reconstruction Algorithms
  3. Will to check whether second cluster appears mostly in the outer layers, due to the "curving" of the shower.
  4. Introduce FPGA timing algorithm to derive hit times from fADC
  5. Gather reconstruction conditions for outer layers on the Wiki (consider "curvature effect")


  1. Action Items
  2. Updates
  3. Discuss and prioritize the Reconstruction Issues and produce a timetable for the work.
  4. Any other business


Attendees: David L., George V., Zisis P., Will L.

Action Items

  • Will will move some items from wiki page into Mantis
  • Dave will remove "BCAL Reconstruction Algorithms" from Action Item list
  • Will checked this and saw that yes, we did see more cluster in the outer layers, but this is due to a combination of 1. greater noise due to more summed channels 2. poorer timing resolution and 3. "curvature" of the shower.
  • Dave needs to check BCAL calibration constant status (prepare slides for collaboration meeting of full data flow)


  • No major updates.
    • Will will start simulating various photon angles and energies to review where the biggest issues still are.
    • Outer layer bug was fixed so all dark hits are now being recorded. Single are cut via (lack of) coincidence with other end or other cells.

Discuss and prioritize the Reconstruction Issues and produce a timetable for the work

  • Zisis has another student (Giovanni Alcocer) who be joining soon and will start participating in these meetings
  • Giovanni will work closely with George Vasileiadis on simulating physics channels and testing the reconstruction code.

Any other business

  • Will suggested someone start working on analysis of a channel with photons to identify where the big issues are that remain.
  • Will will be talking at the DNP meeting on BCAL reconstruction
  • Will is changing thesis topics (again) and will be winding down efforts on BCAL reconstruction