BLTWG Meeting 01/15/2009

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  • Time: 9:30 EST
  • Place: EVO and ESNET (with telephone bridge)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Tim Whitlatch, Jim Stewart, Richard Jones, Alexander Somov


  1. Report on meeting with BNL group working on diamonds - Richard
  2. Decision on relocation of the tagger magnet and components -- Tim
  3. Updates to the simulation geometry for the tagger hall -- Sascha
  4. Agenda for the beamline section of the upcoming collaboration meeting -- everyone


  1. See Richard's meeting notes, [[Private::GlueX_BNL_Diamond_group_meeting_1-14-2009|linked here (private)]]
  2. We decided to shift the tagger quadrupole, dipole, and associated instrumentation downstream by z += 19.6 cm. We decided not to shift the radiator, so that we have a little more working room between the goniometer box and the quadrupole.
  3. Sascha has completed updates to the shape of the tagger vacuum box and the vacuum box extension. The changes are consistent with the engineering drawings, apart from a few details that Sascha felt should change. He will communicate the changes to the design engineer. He is still working on the placement of the tagger fixed array counters. Richard will update the script he used to compute the placement coordinates and pass it on to Sascha, who will implement the changes in the gxtwist geometry. Sascha will then rerun the tagger background simulation and check if the changes, in particular the new design of the vacuum box exit region and round pipe downstream, have had significant negative impact on the background rates.
  4. We think that the following talks should be given by members of our group at the upcoming collaboration meeting. These titles are descriptive. More succinct titles for the talks will be created once the talks are defined.
    • Report on the meeting with the BNL diamond development group, and plans for CHESS measurements this year -- Richard
    • Report on the status and plans for diamond thinning and characterization by the Glasgow group -- Yang
    • Report on the updated geometry for the tagger hall and beam line -- Sascha
    • Update on the status of the microscope prototype -- Igor
    • Update on the readout design for the fixed tagger array -- Franz