BLTWG Meeting 09/16/2013

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  • Time: 11:30 EST
  • Place: ESNET and Seevogh (Jlab community)
  • Connecting: instructions are here
  • Present: Natalie W., Jarrod F., Eugene C., Todd S., Ivan T., Tim W., Yi Q., Brenden P., Alex B., Ann C., James M., Curtis M., Franz K.


  1. Announcements
  2. October Collaboration Meeting
  3. Update on mapping - Tim W.
  4. Update on pair spectrometer - Ivan T.
  5. TAGH counter inspection and testing - Franz K./Natalie W.
  6. Update on goniometer testing - Yi Q.
  7. Update on clock signal - Eugene C.
  8. Update on microscope electronics - Alex B.
  9. Status of the microscope construction - James M.
  10. Diamond thinning proposal - Brenden/Jarrod F.
  11. any other business


  1. Mapping - Tim
    1. preparing mapping instrument for tagger magnet
    2. repairing power supply for the pair spectrometer's magnet
  2. Pair spectrometer - Ivan
    1. all parts are ready except for the fixture of the fibers, working with Chuck on design
    2. working on slow control
  3. Fixed array - Natalie/Franz
    1. received all scintillator bars with light guide glued
    2. checked all of them, most of them are good
    3. working on final design of the holder
  4. Goniometer - Yi
    1. testing goniometer in FEL
    2. verified minimum step sized: 0.2 mdeg in yaw and 0.1 mdeg in pitch
    3. more test on reproducibility and optimize moving parameters
  5. Accelerator Clock - Eugene
    1. trying to order cable for the signal form physics's FY14 budget: 26k for part and 14k for labor
  6. Microscope - Alex B.
    1. production on track, will ship samples to JLab soon
  7. Microscope construction - James
    1. a little bit late on first article, but the whole schedule and budget are still on track
  8. Diamond thinning - Brenden/Jarrod
    1. restarting the thinning process
    2. Jarrod working with Richard on the proposal