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PS Test Stand Setup (March 2023)

The baby BCAL was set up on the test bench. Downstream is defined as the North end and the Upstream is defined as the South End

Downstream view of the baby BCAL setup.
Upstream view of the baby BCAL setup.
Top View of the baby BCAL setup

Cable stretching

The North and south end cables were grouped together and stretched across cables crates over to the DAQ.

Cable streching
Pillar along which the output cables are stretched.

Module Assignment

Module Name HV/LV BCAL Distribution Box Direction Module Picture Bias Voltage (module)
Upstream 49
75 V
Downstream 49

74 V

Wrapping the BCAL

The baby BCAL was wrapped in black Tedlar after mounting the SiPM modules and connecting the LEMO output cables. After wrapping the BCAL was covered using a black cloth to make it light tight

baby BCAL wrapped in Black tedlar
baby BCAL after wrapping in Black cloth

DAQ Crate assignment

The output channels from the baby BCAL is connected to the following fADC crates.

fADC output crate
fADC output crate
fADC output crate

Top view of black-tedlar wrapping
Bottom view of black-tedlar wrapping
Top waveguides wrapped in tedlar
Bottom waveguides wrapped in tedlar

Labelling of LEMO Cables
Labelling of LEMO Cables

Data Streaming

The way the mini BCAL is set up Sector 3 (index from 1) is hit the most that can be seen from the Scalars