Bill's to do list

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  1. Priority list:
    • Laser alignment and generating mis-alignment table (Bill, Andrew).
    • Feedthrough opening angle measurement and fish tank (Bill, Fernando).
    • Light monitors testing and mounting (Bill, Keith).
    • DIRC module cabling strategy (Bill/Andrew).
    • Hole opening on the backplate (Keith).
    • Hole opening on the of the PMT mounting plate (Tim, Keith, Bobby).
    • Plastic bolts and screws for the FPGA board. (Chris)
    • Recover PMT #9 and 10 and perform test
    • Spare micro-BNC cable for the big box. (Omen)
    • Cleaning of the mirrors. (Greg, Keith)
    • Remarking and repositioning the Fiber cable label. (Fernando/Chris)
    • PMT mounting plate spacer (Bobby)
    • Installation tray. (Mark/Keith)
    • Installation spacer. (Bobby)


  1. Temperature reduction for the DIRC FPGAs.
  2. Water quality setup, 3D printing the box.
  3. Darkening.
  4. Uni-strut reinforcement for the distribution boxes.
  5. Airflow sensor
  6. Opening both DIRC boxes in January:
    • Check mirror quality
    • Check anodize quality
    • Check water tightness of the diffuser assembly.
  7. North Box:
    • Check corner interference.
    • Silicone around the wielding spot.
  8. South Box:
    • Check the chipped corner water seal for both spots

2020 Summer DIRC To-do List

  1. Hall work:
    • Water level sensor installation
      • Total: 2 days. 1 day testing + 1 day installation
    • Darkening leak check
      • Total: 1 day
    • Modification on vent exit to reduce FPGA temperature
      • Total: 3 days. 1 day diagnose, 1 day test and 1 day installation. Excluding time for designing time.
    • DIRC Diffuser seal issue
      • Total: 2 days. 1 day test and 1 day installation. Excluding time for water seal test
    • Contaminated mirror replacement in north upper OB
      • Total: 1 days. Uninstall + Disassembly: 1 day; mirror removal + setting up clean area, mirror gluing+ curing: 3 days; silicone seal + cleaning + assembly: 1 days; installation: 1 day. Excluding time for water seal test
    • Inspect the south lower OB
      • 1 day
      • If mirror problem, adding 6 more days for mirror replacement.
  2. Non Hall Work:
    • Testing spare DIRC modules
    • Control and operation
      • Alarm modification strategy
      • Resolving (double checking) DIRC hole in occupancy before run starts
      • Dis-entangle DIRC interlock and interlock reset from FCAL and CCOM
      • Individual (stand alone) SiPM TDA offset
    • Tile FPGA voltage regulation issue.
    • Recover loan-out (Duke SOLID group) MOROC chips