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What change is being proposed?

Move src to sim-recon/src


Instead of

svn checkout

making a directory "src" in the local directory, we would do a

svn checkout

making a directory "sim-recon" that contains a "src" directory.


  1. everyone would have a directory with a standard name
  2. the tree itself would have a standard name, e. g. "First you check-out sim-recon"[1]
  3. related: "src" is non-descriptive
    • every package in the known world has a "src" directory
    • there are other packages under trunk that do have descriptive names and might contain src directories
  4. allows a more descriptive tag, e. g. sim-recon-2010-04-01
    • like root_5.25.02
  5. you can still "checkout trunk/sim-recon/src" if you really want to
  6. provides a natural home for "helper" directories, e. g., BMS, doc (this breaks previous item)


  1. Not what we are used to; will cause some amount confusion.
  2. Work will have to be done.


  1. If not now, then when?
  2. Should HALLD_HOME, HALLD_MY be renamed?

What about the name?

"sim-recon" is illustrative, could also be

  • recon-sim
  • halld (as in HALLD_HOME)
  • gluex
  • valparaiso (Paradise Valley)
  • lawrenceville
  • newport-gnus
  • etc. (not literally)

  1. as opposed to "First you check-out src.", "Yes that's what I want to do, but what do I check-out?" (related video)