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The load test was carried out on August 10-11 in the Swain Hall high bay. The Hall B engineering staff recommended the system be tested at 125% of nominal load. To perform this test approximately 2500 pounds of lead was stacked on the carriage that will hold the BCAL element. For this test the cart was not bolted to the floor. As shown in the photos below the cart legs were extended and tightened hand-tight against the ground.

QuickTime Movies of Cart Motion

  • Shake (828 KB): With the load fully extended the cart is stable. In this shot Matt is shaking the end of the carriage. All visible motion is in the drive system which is free to rotate. There is no observable twisting motion of the carriage.
  • Translate (868 KB): Here Eric is sliding the carriage back and forth. The carriage is loaded with 2500 pounds of lead and can be easily moved by just one person.
  • Rotation Centered (16 MB): The load is centered and then rotated using the drive system. In this shot the casters are unlocked and can be seen smoothly switching directions.
  • Rotation Extended (12 MB): The load is fully extended and rotated. Here the casters have been locked to reduce friction associated with swiveling. Motion in this direction has a bit of a stick-slip type movement. Our floor is not exceptionally clean or smooth. Note that the A shape leg stabilizes the motion -- the carriage does not twist or pivot about point where the leg touches the floor.

Load Test Photos

For the load test the cart was not bolted to the floor. Legs were extended and hand tightened against the floor.
The cart with the load centered. The carriage appears bowed in this photo, but sighting directly down the rails indicated a very small amount of flex.
The cart with the load fully extended.