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Bluejeans Information

The meetings are made using the bluejeans video conferencing solution supported by Jefferson Lab. You can find information from Jefferson Lab on this product as well as some notes that we within GlueX have made GlueX Bluejeans Video Conferencing. You should be able to connect seamlessly with virtually any device. If you have a polycom device, or want to connect through your web browser or tablet, use the Network Connection below. If you want to connect via phone, then use the phone information from below. The main drawback is that you may not be able to connect via a browser using a linux computer.

Bluejeans Applications

The first time that you connect to a bluejeans meeting, you will be prompted to install an application for your web browser. Versions of these for windows and macos have been placed on docDb as document 2435. You can also find apps for iOS and android.

Bluejeans Meeting IDs

  • [Connect] GlueX/Hall-D Biweekly Meeting: 660743227 (also Run Coordination and Collaboration Meetings)
  • [Connect] GlueX Amplitude Analysis Meeting: 859833522
  • [Connect] GlueX Beamline and Tagger Meeting: 536076821
  • [Connect] GlueX Calibration Meeting: 630804895
  • [Connect] GlueX Calorimeter Meeting: 907185247
  • [Connect] GlueX Charged Pion Polarizability Meeting: 949429419 (also Neutral Pion Polarizability Meeting)
  • [Connect] GlueX FDC Meeting: 290664653
  • [Connect] GlueX Offline Meeting: 968592007
  • [Connect] GlueX Online Meeting: 120390084
  • [Connect] GlueX Run Coordination Meeting: 660743227
  • [Connect] GlueX Physics Meeting: 115815824 (also Production and Analysis Meeting)
  • [Connect] GlueX PID Meeting: 927733173
  • [Connect] GlueX PID Upgrade Meeting: 846453895
  • [Connect] GlueX Start Counter Meeting: 556286544
  • [Connect] GlueX Time of Flight Meeting: 350531998
  • [Connect] GlueX Tracking Meeting: 290664653 (also Di-Lepton Meeting)
  • [Connect] GlueX NPP Meeting: 949429419
  • [Connect] JEF Meeting: 992533564

Inactive Meetings

  • [Connect] GlueX BCAL Reconstruction Meeting: 907185247
  • [Connect] GlueX Data Challenge Meeting: 531811405
  • [Connect] GlueX Hyperon Working Group Meeting: 821040333
  • [Connect] GlueX Level-3 Trigger Meeting: 152581875

Connect to the Meeting

Join Bluejeans via Polycom room system

    • Network Connection
      • IP Address:
      • URL:
    • Enter Meeting ID: (see above list)

Join Bluejeans via a Web Browser

    • If you have not registered with bluejeans through JLab:
    • If you have registered with bluejeans through JLab:
      • URL: [2]
      • Enter Conference ID: (see above list)

Join Bluejeans via Phone

    • Dial-in phone number:
      • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
      • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
      • Dial-in international phone numbers
    • Enter Conference ID: (see above list)