Controls Meeting 13-Jun-2013

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  • Announcements
  • Minutes from previous meeting 16-May-2013
  • Plans for JInventory database - Serguei Pozdniakov
  • Preparations for solenoid mapping - Dave L, Elliott
  • FCAL dark room update - John, Manuel, Dan
  • Cryo plant signals (HDR) to fast dump chain/SOE and PLC - Dave B, Mark, Scot
  • PLC test stand - Dave B
  • EPICS - Hovanes, Nerses
  • Solenoid update - Mark, Scot, Elliott
    • QD modifications
    • Strategy and plans
  • Counting House status - Hovanes
  • Other controls applications - Dave
    • Storing/retrieving PLC parameters
    • FDC cooling, target, BCAL cooling, etc.
  • Mantis task tracker
  • Midas elog

  • Future topics
    • Experiment Control Supervisor - Vardan, Elliott


9:30AM Thurs 13-Jun-2013 CC A110


Vanik should arrive towards the middle to end of June. He will work on GUI's and on motion control.

Next Meeting

Note: no meeting 27-Jun

9:30am Thurs 11-Jul-2013


Present: Elliott W, Mark S, Serguei P, Hovanes E, Dave B, Nerses G.

JInventory Plans

Serguei outlined plans for upgrade to the JInventory database.

  • Info on electronics boards will come from Fernando's spreadsheets.
  • Will use the housing hierarchy and a 5-level system for electronics boards. Special GUI will be created for this with only relevant fields.
  • Barcode labels have been ordered.
  • He will propose new conventions for the Brand-Format-Model field.
  • Some mistakes in database will be fixed.
  • Some unneeded columns will be removed or moved to BFM table (e.g. documentation belongs with BFM, not item).
  • Will merge with CLAS12 effort and implement cable database (how to use TBD).
  • Will we derive the translation table from the JInventory database?

Solenoid Mapping

Must be ready to go prior to run, no time to figure things out while the magnet is cold. Yi ordered a new PXI board for mapping channels.

FCAL Dark Room

Parts arriving, installation in progress. Most sensors on order, looking for appropriate light sensors.

Solenoid Test

Mark et al. connected the Cryo group's HDR signal into our fast dump chain. They will trigger a fast dump if there are immanent catastrophic problems in the cryo plant.

PLC Test Stand

This will be moved into the Rack Room (we are leaving the ARC building). A new switch will be installed in the PLC test rack. Dave's computer needs a home. The equipment will be on the Hall D controls network, and Dave's computer on the development network. Dave will reprogram devices accordingly. Many devices in the test stand will eventually be deployed in the hall.


Nerses is working on the CDC HV based on Beni's initial work. He will cross-ref everything by detector and geographic notation. Similar scheme will be used for other detectors.

Hovanes is working on the CSS alarm system BEAST. Some problems, bugs, etc. He wants to group alarms hierarchically by detector, rather than by function. I.e. tagger->HV instead of HV->tagger, and everyone agreed this is more natural. Configuration scripts will be used to set everything up.

Hovanes is also working on a CA gateway to export PV's to the outside world. We will use the Accelerator archiver and we need a good connection to them. At some point we will need to purchase computers for Accelerator to use. Finally, we need to carefully understand the role of the Cryo group if they are connected directly to our PLC via ControlNet.

Counting House

Everything is here and installation has started. Facilities will schedule the power and telecom installation in the Counting Room (n.b. we will install Ethernet cables from our switch to computers in the Counting Room). Expect about two weeks for the power to go in. Latest drawings Hovanes saw were incorrect, need minor mods (e.g. location of console racks in Control Room). Cubicle computers will be installed when Paul gets back from vacation, same for servers. It seems the refrigerator and microwave are noisy.

Quench Detector

Mods are planned to software (PLC) and hardware (Danfysik) QD's. Dials for the hardware, improved algorithms for the PLC.