Controls Meeting 26-Jan-2023

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  • Announcements
  • Solenoid status
    • PXI spare procurements (Brian)
  • Nick's laptop

  • FCAL-II tasks and assignments
    • Dark room instrumentation
      Do we have the channel count and equipment for it?
    • Chillers
      PLC-to-chillers or EPICS-to-chillers
    • Voltages (LV and HV)
    • Interlocks
      FCAL-I interlocks stay the same?
    • New FCAL-II interlocks?
    • EPICS screens

  • BCAL chiller swap (Brian)
  • CAEN HV crate reset
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Tagger magnet NMR box (Tim)
  • Other items


10:00am Thursday 26-January-2023